Unapologetic, and shot through with lore, Virga investigates the tensions, inner and outer, that work to shape identity. Sensual, driven, and pragmatic, the poems insist that we “fall to rise,” and address the desires - romantic, erotic, familial, and socio-political - that transform us. 

"Full of witchcraft and mesmerizing artistry. . ." - Kerry-Lee Powell

The largely Acadian culture depicted in these poems may still be influenced by the past, caught in its own reflected image, but it moves, as do the poems, to a steady, if moody, rhythm determined to find meaning and purpose in spite of difficulties, flux, and a seemingly pervasive cynicism.
  • New Brunswick's Alfred G. Bailey Prize for best poetry manuscript
  • Shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award
  • Winner of the J.M. Abraham Poetry Award

Other Publications

Winter 2018 

Hamilton Arts and Letters Review

Essay: "A Broken Alpine Path: Notes from a Woman Poet in New Brunswick"

Hamilton Arts and Letters Review: 

Two Poems - Derivative and Shortcut

Spring 2017

"Witch of Brookdale" in Poetry is Dead, Coven Issue (17)

December 2017

"Alaska Highway" in the Northern Review, Issue 46

August 2017 -

Two new poems "Porifera" and "Cladorhizidae" in the latest Antigonish Review

Online -

Two poems in The Puritan - check 'em out.

Anthologies - 

  • “On Mingling” and “Crosswalk” published in 2013 Shy Anthology from University of Alberta Press, edited by Naomi Lewis and Rona Altrows

  • Two poems, The City Series: number two — Fredericton, Frog Hollow Press, 2015

Literary Journals - 

  • “Traditions,” “Tim’s”and “Tepid” – Lichen, Fall/Winter 2005 (Tracking a Serial Poet contest winner)

  • “In Parrsboro” -  The Antigonish Review Spring 2006.

  • “True Love” – Arc  Summer 2006.

  • “Weak Force” and “What we Believe”(2nd place winner in 2-day Poetry Contest) – CV2 Summer 2006  

  • “The Rub”-Carousel Fall 2006.

  • “Acadie Noir” and “Pteridology”- The Fiddlehead, Fall 2007

  • “Peel” - Room Magazine Volume 30:4, 2007

  • “Syndication” – Prairie Fire, Winter 2007-2008

  • “Heavy Metal” – CV2, Fall 2009

  • “Talk of Mermaids,” “Bois Jolie,” “Night in the Old House” and “On Mingling” – The Antigonish Review, Fall 2009 (Great Blue Heron Poetry Contest winner)

  • “Business Class” – Room Magazine 33:2, 2010

  • “Accident 1,” “Accident 2,”and “Accident 3” – Dandelion, Volume 36: i/ii, 2011

  • “Handshakes” - Arts East Blogspot, Spring 2012

  • “The Past,” “School” and “Gathering” -  Galleon, 2015

  • “The Point,” “Staying,” “First Trimester,” “Crops”  -The Fiddlehead, Winter 2016

  • “Luck,” “Leave,” - The Antigonish Review Issue 184, Winter 2016

  • “Straight to Video” -  The Malahat Review Issue 192, Fall 2015

  • “Blueberries,” “The Back Channels”, “A Speculative Bird,” - Riddle Fence Issue 23, 2016

  • “Urban Development Poles” - The Dalhousie Review, Fall 2015