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Witchy. Feminist. Myth-steeped. Grounded. Crafty. Meaning-Seeking. Starry. Acadian. Critical. 


Virga (2019)

Unapologetic, and shot through with lore, Virga investigates the tensions, inner and outer, that work to shape identity. Sensual, driven, and pragmatic, the poems insist that we “fall to rise,” and address the desires - romantic, erotic, familial, and socio-political - that transform us. 

Winner of the New Brunswick Book Award's Fiddlehead Poetry Prize.

"Full of witchcraft and mesmerizing artistry. . ." - Kerry-Lee Powell

The Back Channels (2016)

The largely Acadian culture depicted in these poems may still be influenced by the past, caught in its own reflected image, but it moves, as do the poems, to a steady, if moody, rhythm determined to find meaning and purpose in spite of difficulties, flux, and a seemingly pervasive cynicism.
  • New Brunswick's Alfred G. Bailey Prize for best poetry manuscript
  • Shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award
  • Winner of the J.M. Abraham Poetry Award - East Coast Literary Awards
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